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City of Brass to leave Early Access and get a full release soon

Published: 08:36, 04 April 2018
Uppercut Games
City of brass logo with skeleton
City of Brass

Uppercut Games have announced their first person dungeon crawler game City of Brass, which is heavily inspired by the Arabian Nights, will be releasing in the first week of May. It will be coming after being in a longer early access period.

City of Brass is a first-person single-player game much alike many dungeon crawler games. The game is heavily inspired by the Middle Eastern folk tales compiled in A Thousand and One Nights. Uppercut Games have announced the game will be leaving early access on 04 May 2018.

The release version will have the game's early access bugs fixed, as well as feature the introduction of the game's final level. Considering it's a dungeon crawler, players will have to start over after each death, which is the case with many rogue-like games.

Uppercut Games City of Brass fire genie City of Brass - Gameplay image

The game's procedurally generated world is one of the main points the developer hangs on to, stating that using procedural generation made it possible for the game to have a polished feel and still be less resource-heavy for them during development when comparing to hand-crafting every nook and cranny in their previous game, Submerged.

Some of the developers of the game worked on Bioshock and Bioshock 2 during it's development at 2K Australia, and they cite the work they had done there to be a big influence for the gameplay. Gameplay-wise, as it was with Bioshock, the player will control the protagonist who will be dual wielding a scimitar and a whip.

Uppercut Games Skeleton in city of brass City of Brass - Fight me, Maharaja!

The whip will be crucial to the players' completion of the game since they will be using it to traverse the missions as well as be of great use in combat by stunning foes and pulling them towards the player. The players will have to use items laying around in their surroundings to damage enemies with their whip.

Uppercut Games City of Brass skeleton dentist City of Brass - Ready for my dentist appointment

City of Brass is reminiscent of a mix between Lichdom: Battlemage and Prince of Persia. As the developer stated at GCAP 2017, it is built on the Unreal Engine and will be coming out for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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