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Ubisoft wage war on toxicity with new tools for Rainbow Six Siege

Published: 17:24, 05 April 2018
Updated: 09:59, 24 September 2018
Corporate guy with Ubisoft logo for a head looks at his barrel of toxic waste with Rainbow Six Siege logo on it.
Ubisoft and Rainbow Six toxicity

Ubisoft have announced their war on toxicity on their developer blog, focusing on eradicating toxic behaviour from Rainbow Six: Siege. This includes several ways of dealing with toxicity, including incentives for positive attitude.

As Ubisoft stated, their priority will be focusing on toxicity management over the next few years and as of this moment there are different ways of dealing with it. These ''ways'' seem to be more like steps within a single plan and they include negative behaviour monitoring, managing of toxic players and introducing incentives for positive attitude. The last one seems reminiscent of League of Legends' honour system which can earn players in-game rewards that are normally tied to real life currency.

This plan seems to be a long-term solution with a rather long implementation but there are a few changes Ubisoft will be introducing sooner. For example, chat monitoring will be strengthened by monitoring the frequency of racial and homophobic slur usage. These slurs will be banable offences, with increased severity each time the penalty is applied again.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege promotional poster showing three SAS operators - Mute, Thatcher and Smoke. Rainbow Six Siege

Therefore, the first time players get banned for these, they will be unable to play for two days, repeated wrongdoing will yield a seven day ban, after which comes a 15 day ban and should the misdemeanor be repeated a fourth time, the ban will be permanent.

Now those bans aren't going to pop up the moment someone starts insulting you, so Ubisoft are adding a mute button for the text chat as well. This way players can mute individuals or whole teams to prevent verbal abuse. 

Ubisoft Promotional image for Rainbow Six Siege's operator Mute. Rainbow Six Siege - Soon you will be able to mute Mute.

Team killing detection has a loophole that allows repeat offenders to get away with it. As long as you don't kill a teammate repeatedly within a single match, you will be able to slip through the cracks of the detection system. The new system will track offenders over multiple games and sessions and penalize them for it. Bikini Bodhi will not like this.

More ways of dealing with toxicity and players will be notified prior to their implementation.

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