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Ubisoft schedule Thatcher for nerfs in Rainbow Six Siege

Published: 21:14, 15 August 2018
Picture of the man who hates laser sights - Thatcher
Rainbow Six Siege - Thatcher

Ubisoft have posted another batch of designer's notes for Rainbow Six: Siege, regarding the pre-season and will accordingly arrive with year three, season three patch. The biggest takeaway is a major nerf to Thatcher, the laser sight hater.

First up in the order of nerfing business is Rainbow Six Siege's grandpa himself - Thatcher. This six inch blade enthusiast was deemed a bit too powerful at dismantling defenders' gadgets so he will not be able to do it permanently anymore. Thatcher's EMP grenades will no longer destroy cameras, but rather just incapacitate them for a while.

Enemy team's crutches that he won't be able to kick under them anymore include security, bulletproof and Valkyrie's cameras as well as Maestro's turret. Apparently this is the first in line of changes aimed at Thatcher, since the remaining changes should make him stronger in order to compensate for this massive nerf.

The downside is that these changes will not be deployed at the same time, so we can expect Thatcher to hang in Lord 'Chanka's tier until his future buffs. Another nerf target is Twitch, whose will be making more noise as it moves. This change should help defenders detect it somewhat easier, but according to the , the drone will still be somewhat discreet.

Long lasting problems with Rainbow Six Siege's automatic weapons and their misaligned sights should be addressed in the same patch. Apparently, they have been interacting with the player's field of view which caused weapons to fire in a direction that sights weren't pointing. The interaction will be removed in the same patch that nerfs Thatcher and Twitch.

Finka was recently nerfed and according to Ubisoft, her win rate has normalised, while Frost and Kapkan's win rates have jumped for some reason.

Ubisoft Promotional image showing the two new Rainbow Six Siege operators - Finka and Lion in their CBRN uniforms. Rainbow Six Siege Finka and Lion

The reason is unknown to Ubisoft at the moment, but they complimented Frost and Kapkan mains by saying "keep doing great things, we see you". Word of advice, tone it down guys, or your mains will be the next nerf targets.

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