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Ubisoft to hit Rainbow Six Siege chat exploit users with banwave

Published: 10:00, 10 July 2019
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Ubisoft are preparing a fresh batch of bans for Rainbow Six Siege exploit enthusiasts, although this time it's not about IQ. Namely, spamming certain symbols into the chat window could actually crash a match, but Ubisoft are up to the task.

The developer took to Reddit to inform Rainbow Six Siege players that a fix has since been deployed and that the bans will start as of today.

They quoted Rainbow Six Siege Code of Conduct, the Forbidden Conduct section as saying, "The following actions violate the Code of Conduct, and can lead to disciplinary action in accordance with the Disciplinary Policy outlined below -  Any conduct which interrupts the general flow of Gameplay in the Game client, forum, or any other Ubisoft medium."

Needless to say, the game's chat exploit clearly qualifies and if you've been indulging in crashing Rainbow Six Siege matches via your chat-spamming powers alone, it's safe to say Ubisoft are coming for you today.

"These bans are targeting players that abused the chat symbol exploit to crash matches. They will have varying lengths, depending on the frequency and severity of the exploit's usage", Ubisoft wrote.

This is far from being the only Rainbow Six Siege exploit, and we've seen quite a few lately, most notably the they recently encountered. In case you're not that familiar with the game, no - they didn't find a way to get smarter - IQ is the operator that could be glitched into constant sliding and then rappeled into the floor, but that's since been fixed. 

However, Ubisoft are dead set on cleaning up Rainbow Six Siege from exploiters, saying, "This is our next step towards sanctioning players that knowingly and deliberately take advantage of exploits to the detriment of the overall match."

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We're not sure about the exact timing of Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege banwave, as their Reddit post from yesterday just says 'tomorrow', but if you've been abusing the exploits, you'll know it when you get it. 

You can find Ubisoft's Reddit post in question

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