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Ubisoft to finally crack down on crouch leaning in Rainbow Six

Published: 11:31, 28 January 2019
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Rainbow Six Siege Alibi

Players have been voicing their concerns over an exploit where others could crouch and lean rapidly to avoid bullets in Rainbow Six Siege and Ubisoft have finally responded. It seems like the end of macros may be on the horizon soon.

Leaning is heavily used to make yourself an unpredictable target in Rainbow Six Siege, with many critics calling the game a leaning simulator. Still, that part is not too terrible and players have learned to live with it, but when someone comes along with macros that allow them to crouch and lean about a bajillion times a second, that becomes a real issue.

The issue in question was first reported on Reddit, on 01 January 2019, and it took Ubisoft almost an entire month to respond to the community. This brought up another issue the players have with the company, which is the lack of communication from the developers and community managers.

Eventually, Ubisoft's community manager posted a heads up on Reddit that the company is going to crack down on those who abuse macros, which go against terms of service. The was extremely well received due to the community finally seeing some communication from Ubisoft, and the fact that they are keeping tabs as well as working on curbing the exploit.

For those who were lucky enough not to have their experience ruined by an abuser, there is a gif of a , with the unfortunate player being absolutely unable to aim at her. That's the same report from the start of 2019 mentioned earlier, and the fact it wasn't dealt with sooner may have less to do with Ubisoft not pouring enough resources to fix it, and more with the issue being a hard nut to crack.

Ubisoft Picture of Caveira from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Caveira

Regardless, Ubisoft's official response stated they have a few prototype systems which will help with dealing with these offenders. While the community isn't entirely convinced yet, they are still glad Ubisoft are communicating about their efforts and relaying that the players' pleas don't fall on deaf ears.

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