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Ubisoft will change how friendly fire works in Rainbow Six Siege

Published: 09:03, 18 February 2019
Picture of Fuze from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Fuze is the only operator capable of breaking (pretty much) everything in Rainbow Six Siege.

Friendly fire has been a problem for Rainbow Six Siege players for a long while now, due to griefers shooting their own teammates just to spite them. Ubisoft will turn things on their head soon by adding damage reflection for teamkillers.

Toxic behaviour is not simply limited to spitting out racial slurs or other offensive words. Ubisoft already made strides towards dealing with that kind of toxicity, but it seems like it's time to tackle toxic behaviour in Rainbow Six Siege. The most common form of toxic behaviour is teamkilling, and it is being overhauled soon.

Until now, griefers in Rainbow Six Siege would get kicked for teamkilling but it didn't do the job apparently, as they found a way around this rule. Toxic teammates would usually just damage their friendlies until they are on low health and leave them at a disadvantage.

The new version of friendly fire may or may not deal with this issue, as friendly fire overhaul will make the damage reflect once the new system is in place. During The Six Invitational finals, Ubisoft announced the system would kick in after a toxic player kills one teammate.

Unfortunately, this would leave the same loophole open as they would be able to damage allies to the brink of death. On the other hand, by the time it gets deployed, the system could be changed to activate as soon as someone would inflict 100 damage on their allies.

This way, the griefers would be either prevented from shooting teammates or be forced to kill themselves instead. The system should also help with accidental teamkills, as getting kicked for accidentally shooting the head of an Ash that ran into your crosshairs did seem a bit egregious. It's not like anyone is going to shoot her in the head, but those three-speed operators are usually the ones that run into allies' crosshairs.

Ubisoft Picture of the SAS boys from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege

There is also the issue of Fuze, the resident team killer. Badly placed Cluster Charges will no longer get him booted from the game, but he will most likely die from all the damage inflicted on his team. Better keep your ears peeled for the big bad "thunk-thunk-thunks".

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