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Ubisoft fix Rainbow Six Siege's black screen and rappeling issues

Published: 20:18, 18 March 2019
Picture of the new Australian map from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Outback

Ubisoft released a new patch for Rainbow Six Siege. The patch includes fixes for some annoying issues that have been reported on the Test Server such as black screen when alt-tabbing and rappeling trough blocked windows on Outback map.

Ubisoft's latest patch for Rainbow Six Siege is primarily focused on fixing last minute bugs that players reported on the Test Server in the last couple of weeks. While the Y4S1.1 update doesn't look like a major one, it definitely fixes some annoying gameplay, operator, UI and level design issues.

If your screen went black for a few seconds every time you used alt-tab to switch to another window or desktop, you'll be happy to hear that Ubisoft fixed that particular bug and the issue shouldn't occur anymore. Other UI bugs like the censored letter V in the game text chat and Onkochishin elite skin gap between the holster and the secondary weapon have also been addressed.

The patch notes also list fixes for operators' animation issue that made all operators slide when they sprint after prone position. Also, the weapon switch animation that was faster than intended when operators are prone on their back has been fixed.

The exploit which allowed players to rappel through a blocked window on a new, Australian map Outback is now eliminated and problematic run outs and spawn kills via the catwalk in the Motel Parking Lot won't be a problem anymore. Ubisoft didn't mention how exactly they solved this particualr issue so you'll have to visit the map and see for yourself.

And last but not least, two new operators - Mozzie and Gridlock also got some love in the latest patch. Mozzie's drone was causing all sorts of problems and players used it to enter and see through a drone that Mozzie just captured. This will not be possible anymore and hacked drones will no longer lose signal on some maps. However, Ubisoft mention that this issue needs to be fixed individually and not every location has been addressed in this update.

Ubisoft Picture of Mozzie and Gridlock in Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Mozzie and Gridlock

Also, the hacked drone outline was not visible behind Mira's Black Mirror or from Maestro's camera view but that should no longer be the case as Ubisoft's fixed the bug.

As for Gridlock changes, Ubisoft addressed one issue that prevented players from deploying Barricades near deployed trax stingers.

Rainbow Six Siege

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