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Ubisoft's Christmas gift is a free Rainbow Six Siege operator

Published: 19:11, 24 December 2018
picture showing gift pack
Rainbow Six Siege players get their Christmas gifts

Ubisoft are giving away a Year 1, 2 or 3 operator to everyone who logs into Rainbow Six Siege from 24 December 2018 to 1 January 2019. Players will get one random operator and those who already own them all will receive 25000 renown.

Ubisoft is feeling festive once again and is giving every Rainbow Six Siege player a special gift wrapped pack which includes a random Siege operator from Year one, two or three. A special gift will be available from today - 24 December 2018 and will run until for just over a week, so better hurry up and claim your free operator.

Players will be able to get every operator they currently don't own and in case you have every single one of them, don't worry, Ubisoft won't leave you without a Christmas present. You'll be able to refund the pack and get 25000 renown in return to spend it on in-game skins, charms or whatever you want.

We already claimed our pack and got attacking operator Dokkaebi. She was introduced in Operation White Noise as a part of the Year Two pass. With her ability to hack into opponents' phones and make them vibrate for easier spotting she's not a bad drop at all. 

Recently, Ubisoft added a new Fortress map and two operators in the Operation Wind Bastion . Kaid is a defense operator and his unique skill is an electro claw used to electrify walls, hatches, barbed wire and deployable shields. Nomad, on the other hand, is an attacker and she can launch non-lethal repulsion grenades which push back and disorient the enemy when activated. 

Ubisoft Picture of Kaid and Nomad from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Kaid and Nomad

Along with these Christmas gifts, Ubisoft's Holiday Sale on Uplay is also live and you can get a lot of Rainbow Six Siege stuff at discounted prices. Some of the items include Pro League Sets, weapon skins as well as sets for various operators.

Additionally, you can also take a look other Ubisoft games as some of them are on huge discounts like The Division which is available for only $7 which is a bargain that comes just in time for the upcoming sequel.

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