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Ubisoft are teasing the next Rainbow Six Siege map set in Morocco

Published: 22:42, 05 November 2018
Rainbow Six Siege female operator fixing her helmet
Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Blood Orchid

Ubisoft are now teasing the next map that is coming to Rainbow Six Siege, which is set in Morocco but other than that, the details have been a bit scarce. Fans took the announcement as an opportunity to post censorship memes though.

Rainbow Six Siege's Year 3 Season 4 update has gained some infamy after the announced changes graphic imagery in the game, which will be removed in order to comply with Chinese regulations. While that's a part of the update that fans didn't want, a new map probably is.

Ubisoft have started teasing the yet unnamed map, set in Morocco. The official only has a bit of text in Arabic, reading "هلاً بكم في المغرب" which means "Welcome to Morocco" when transalted to English. The attached gif image shows a bit of ornamented floors and walls, as well as a barricade that is market with the usual "X".

Considering the amount of detail on the floor and walls, it could a villa or a palace of sorts, but nothing is officially confirmed yet. Naturally, the map looks like it has a lot of heat, which is typical for daytime in Morocco, but visibility may not be as good in the building itself.

Fans didn't spend much time pondering the details or trying to figure out a clue or two, as they are still outraged by Ubisoft for not separating Chinese client from the global one. This resulted in years old maps being watered down as blood, sex and gambling themes will no longer be present.

It is quite interesting that gambling has to be censored though, since Rainbow Six Siege features a loot box system, so it remains to be seen how Ubisoft will handle that part regarding the integration into Chinese market.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege promotional poster showing three SAS operators - Mute, Thatcher and Smoke. Rainbow Six Siege

Some fans started making jokes, with one posting a meme of the "Operation Censorship" spoof content, later linked back to a subreddit dedicated to making Rainbow Six Siege memes. You can see the post .

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