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Ubisoft are changing Rainbow Six Siege aesthetics due to China

Published: 19:08, 03 November 2018
Updated: 09:28, 06 November 2018
Picture of Maverick in Rainbow Six Siege aiming his weapon
Rainbow Six Siege - Maverick

Rainbow Six Siege will have less violence, blood, gambling and sexual content in some instances. According to Ubisoft, this update will happen globally, in order to ensure compliance as the game starts reaching into Asian markets.

Ubisoft folks have issued a disclaimer that these aesthetic changes will be just that - aesthetic. Rainbow Six Siege's core will remain the same and will not change in order to make sure fans still have the same experience as before.

These changes will come to servers all over the world even though they are necessary only for Asian regulations. Ubisoft stated that they will not be maintaining two separate builds in order to reduce the duplicate development time, so players will probably just need to deal with it.

On top of that, a single build will allow Ubisoft to have one, same team, to maintain the game in the future while keeping in mind global regulations, as opposed to two teams clashing in artistic views in the future, due to different legislations.

Anyway, as you may have guessed by now, one of the first aesthetic changes will be the removal of spooky scary skeletons that are not present in any game in China, as the country is rather strict with not displaying such themes in any of the games on its market. This means removal of such imagery in signalisation icons as well as the maps.

Gambling is another touchy topic apparently, so slot machines have to go, just like the striptease bar neon sign due to it being classified as sexual content.

Now, the remaining two issues are quite ridiculous. The first one is that melee kills will no longer be marked with the knife icon, but rather a fist, while the second is there will be less blood around.

Ubisoft Picture of Caveira from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Caveira

If knives are so controversial, does Caveira get to keep her favourite tool? If she does, then how is that not an issue while the icon is? Meanwhile, environmental blood will be removed, but it remains to be seen whether we get to see it once we shoot someone. It will present the same kind of conundrum as the knife change.

You can see pictures of the upcoming aesthetic changes on Ubisoft's .

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