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TwistedRed present Exomecha in a premiere trailer

Published: 15:51, 23 July 2020

Exomecha got announced and gameplay snippets were revealed in a hectic trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase pre-show.

You can check out the premiere trailer for Exomecha below but there are also a few details that were revealed in its description. For example, this is an upcoming free to play competitive shooter that will take place on the newly discovered planet Omecha. 

Players will apparently engage in large-scale fights which hints at some Battlefield-like elements. However, instead of tanks, helicopters and planes, we will apparently get mech fights.

The description also teases "unique gadgets and abilities" although it remains to be seen whether the players will be as agile and brutal as pilots from Titanfall series. There is also a mention of boss battles so it's possible that co-op will also be a thing, as opposed to just PvP all around.

Furthermore, Exomecha will not miss out on the battle royale trend either as this game will have a "unique battle royale game mode" but it remains to be seen what will set it apart from the other BRs.

Before the release, there will be a beta period for which you can already sign up

Keep in mind that the title will be available only on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X so PlayStation 4 owners will have to sit this one out, for the time being at least.

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