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Twin Mirror delayed, will launch as an Epic Games Store exclusive

Published: 14:01, 14 June 2019
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Twin Mirror

Dontnod's upcoming thriller Twin Mirror will not launch this year as previously expected. Instead, the game's release date has been pushed to 2020 in order to optimise the gameplay. Twin Mirror will also launch as an Epic Store exclusive.

Twin Mirror, the investigative thriller that was expected to release sometime this year now has a new release date, and the news is not good for those who were excited for Dontnod's new project. 

The game is now set to launch sometime in 2020, it doesn't have a specific release date, we don't even know if it's coming in the first or second part of the year. The devs explained their decision by saying that they need more time to optimise "the gaming experience and capitalize on Twin Mirror's success potential".

They also confirmed that Twin Mirror will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC for one year. According to Dontnod chairman and CEO Oskar Guilbert, they are delighted to partner with Epic Games and present their creation to "the vast gamer community on Epic Games Store".

It looks like Epic also helped Dontnod to obtain all IP right to Twin Mirror. In the statement, the devs mention that thanks to their partnership with Epic, they have strengthened their intellectual property portfolio and increased game profitability. On consoles, Bandai Namco will continue to take care of publishing, marketing and distribution of Twin Mirror.

If you're unfamiliar with Twin Mirror, it's a third person episodic adventure that will include three episodes. Players will get to control the investigative journalist Sam, who returns to Basswood, West Virginia, his hometown.

The game's main concept is duality with Sam's inner voice, named the Double that may aid or harm player progression during the investigation. It's an interesting concept and hopefully, Vampyr and Life is Strange devs pull it off and create a proper title.

Bandai Namco A preview of the visuals in Twin Mirror Twin Mirror

You can check out the official gameplay trailer if you want to know more about the game.

Twin Mirror is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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