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Trackmania will adopt the freemium model

Published: 16:29, 28 May 2020

Ubisoft revealed some of the monetisation for Trackmania and announced the game will be free to play but will feature three types of players, some with premium subscriptions.

Trackmania 2020 will not be a purchased title. Instead, those looking to try the game will be able to do so at no charge but if you are looking to enjoy all the game's features, you will need to subscribe on a yearly basis. Ubisoft put the players in three categories , based on the type of access they have.

Starter access is the free version where the players can simply download the game from Uplay or EGS and go for it. They will be able to race solo or in multiplayer "on quarterly renewed official campaigns". The weekly Nations League will be available for casual competitions.

There are 25 tracks to enjoy and earn medals as well as regional rankings in the process. Furthermore, they will be able to access the Arcade Channel where editor servers will give them the opportunity to try out various tracks, replays and skins.

Standard access is the next tier. More player-made content will be available to those who subscribe to this part, such as the Track of the Day selection. On top of that, Standard members will gain access to replay, track editors and map review servers. They will also be able to participate in daily competitions and keep Track of the Day entries along with the official ones. This subscription will set the players back $9.99 per year.

Club Access is the highest tier of Trackmania membership. It will include the previous tiers, just like Standard includes Starter access. Piling on those perks will be the ability to join favourite clubs in order to access otherwise unavailable content and activities. These exclusive goods can include skin customisation, special campaigns, online rooms, training tracks and competitions.

Nadeo Crazy cars are racing on a crazy track and their picture was taken by an equally crazy individual. TrackMania Turbo looked fancier

Furthermore, these players can create their own clubs in order to share creations and organise events. Open Grand League, organised by Ubisoft Nadeo, will become available and give players an opportunity to qualify for the Trackmania Grand League. This subscription will cost $29.99 for a year or $59.99 for three.

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