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Trackmania speedrunner cheating sting exposes years of foul play

Published: 20:08, 01 June 2021

Trackmania has a long legacy of highly competitive speed running and when foul play is exposed, you better belive it's a big deal for the community.

Like many speedrunning communities, that of Trackmania is highly dedicated but it goes one step further with the prestige of getting that extra millisecond shaved off of a player's lap time in order to become the top dog. Some of the high profile competitors, however, chose the easier way to undeserved glory and cheated their way to world records.

One of the key reasons why Trackmania's speedrunning competition can go strong for so long without major offline tournaments is that the game features rigorous checking for run validations. If the position of a car at a given time during a run doesn't align with the inputs provided, it is enough to get a runner disqualified. If the inputs are quick enough to suspect they were not made by a human, the runner gets disqualified.

With the latest report from Wirtual and donadigo, who are doing their best to keep the runs legit and community free of cheaters, high profile names like Riolu, Trabadia and Techno.

It appears that donadigo managed to create a way to detect cheaters who previously escaped detection and while working with Wirtual, they managed to expose a large number of top speedrunners previously thought to be legitimate. Some of them confessed to wrongdoings, like Trabadia who noted the cheats involved keeping certain angles and automating speed drifting to a degree.

Others, like Riolu, maintained innocence until overwhelming evidence was presented. Ever since the report was published, silence was maintained the guilty parties who didn't confess earlier. It might be worth noting that Riolu alone submitted 573 replays over the years and the runs that were played offline, privately, contained increased frequency of inputs, suggesting something other than player's skill was used in the process.

While these are just the highlights, you can check out the in-depth views from both Karl Jobst on the video above and Wirtual, one of the investigators, in the video below.

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