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Total War Saga: Troy officially announced, coming in 2020

Published: 16:04, 19 September 2019
Total War Saga: Troy artwork showing a warrior in flames
Total War Saga: Troy

Creative Assembly and SEGA have officially announced the next Total War game, which is titled Total War Saga: Troy. It's coming sometime in 2020 and it's the first game in the strategy series to focus on the Trojan War.

Total War Saga: Troy is the next instalment in the award-winning strategy franchise Total War, the publisher SEGA and the developer Creative Assembly officially announced. Total War Saga: Troy will be the first game in the series to focus on the Bronze-Age Mediterranean and the legendary twenty-year conflict between the kingdoms of Troy and Mycenaean Greece, known as the Trojan War. 

Players will get to experience the iconic conflict from both the Greek and Trojan perspectives and the game will offer a wide variety of heroes including Achillies. Heroes will be able to assume different moods and players will get to control these moods. For example, Achillies is a proud warrior, which gives him no special bonuses and no negatives but he can become enraged which gives him and his troops more strength and power in combat, however, his economy will suffer as a consequence of this.

Furthermore, he can get insulted and depressed and every one of these states brings bonuses and negatives. According to Creative Assembly, these mechanics will offer even more depth when it comes to choosing your heroes.

There will be a total of eight iconic heroes and according to the official description, players will get to experience a proper character-led narrative drama with the new game.

"Experience the events surrounding the era-defining Trojan War, brought to life as never before. Realize your legend as one of eight iconic heroes. Dive into a character-led narrative drama and overcome your antagonists. Build your empire through strategy, statecraft, diplomacy and all-out war, as you conquer this vast and striking recreation of the Bronze Age Mediterranean," it's written on Total War Saga: Troy Steam page.

Sega Total War Saga: Troy will mix mythology and realism Total War Saga: Troy will mix mythology and realism

As for the release date, there is nothing specific at the moment but Total War Saga: Troy should see the light of the day sometime in 2020. It comes exclusively to PC.

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