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Tony Hawk says he's no longer involved in Tony Hawk Pro Skating franchise

Published: 11:56, 27 February 2018
Poster for game Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD
Activision: Tony Hawk Pro Skater

We can already assume how the latest tweet by famous skater Tony Hawk came about, seeing as how it does more than hint at the reason. It starts off with "To anyone asking me to 'remaster' old games", which was enough to make us chuckle.

Imagine the poor sod's email inbox, with skating world plus skate-dog mailing to complain about what's essentially Activision's franchise. Fair play to Tony though, as he kept his cool and remained articulate.

He pointed everyone in the direction of Activision, reminding that it's them who actually own the license. However, it's the latter part of the tweet that caught everyone's attention.

Basically, Hawk points out that if he had the skill or the authority to code games for newer systems on his own, he'd be happy to do so. Even though the press is obviously having a filed day with this one, we're yet to see whether anyone takes mr. Hawk up on the offer.

There's already some speculation of remasters and even though we consider remasters to be financially lucrative means of ensuring stagnation of the entire gaming sector, there's very little to be improved in skating games, mechanics wise.

Or is there? Naturally, we'd love it if Tony proved us wrong, but we're not really counting on it, are we? Skating games, even though lucrative, aren't really your go-to titles to improve a company's fortunes, and Activision knows this.

Activision Image of the Activision Blizzard logo Activision Blizzard

In fact, the company's last shot at flogging a dead skating horse was back in 2012, with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD being the last in the line and being removed from Steam in 2017. Six years of not touching the franchise says more about the interest for its revival than anything else.

Even if by some miracle Activision decides to return to Tony Hawk franchise, it's more likely it'll just be reskinning the entire line-up and reselling it without really updating the game itself. Of course, we'd love to be proven wrong, wouldn't we?

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