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Thunder Tier One gets a release date, modders welcome from day one

Published: 14:57, 02 November 2021
Thunder Tier One gets a release date
Thunder Tier One gets a release date

Thunder Tier One will be available on Steam in December 2021. The game is now available to Wishlist and has a brand new launch trailer.

Krafton's latest project, Thunder Tier One, is set to arrive on Steam come Tuesday, December 7, 2021. The Thunder Tier One dev team announced the happy news. 

What is Thunder Tier One

Thunder Tier One is a top-down tactical shoot-em-up title with its crosshairs on players who harbour an appreciation for military tactics and strategy. 

It's marketed as a realistic game where players step into the boots of an elite special ops squad with one task: stop a dangerous terrorist organisation from raining ruin over the fictional Eastern European country of Salobia.

Thunder Tier One will flaunt a 6-player co-op, online PVP and solo modes with AI teammates. players will have to carefully select their gear and utilize all their tactical skills to successfully work their way through the game's nine missions. The game will also feature game modes such as Exfil, Domination, Advance & Secure and Deathmatch.

The devs are particularly proud of the Thunder Tier One's weapons, stressing that each piece of hardware you pick up boasts unique attributes like handling, rate of fire, muzzle velocity, effective range and accuracy. 

Modders take note: Thunder Tier One will be accessible from day one, allowing you to add and tinker around with missions, weapons, AI behaviour, equipment and more.

Thunder Tier One will retail for £16.99 and can now be pre-ordered on Steam. 

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