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THQ Nordic continues shopping spree, snaps up Handy Games

Published: 20:33, 09 July 2018
THQ Nordic
Hands petting a kitten in virtual reality game Townsmen VR
Townsmen VR

Pulling off their second successful major purchase this year, THQ Nordic have announced they've acquired HandyGames, German mobile, VR and wearable game specialist, who they're confident will fit like a glove into THQ Nordic's family.

You may or may not know HandyGames for games such as Townsmen, Devil and the Fairy and Aces of the Luftwaffe, the last of which was ported to Nintendo Switch in 2017. The developer expanded their portfolio with VR and smartwatch games recently, all of which are now THQ Nordic's property.

THQ Nordic said that the acquisition is a real win-win situation for everyone involved. THQ Nordic's managing director Klemens Kreuzer said that "HandyGames perfectly complement the setup of the rest of our group as the new 'go to'-publisher for small- and midsized developers and projects".

Kreuzer pointed out that HandyGames will greatly benefit from their company's network and infrastructure, whereas THQ Nordic basically gets a free pass into VR gaming and "gains access to one of Europe's most powerful most powerful mobile game distribution networks."

According to the acquisition deal, other than handing over their intellectual property, HandyGames will retain their current management, staff and location, so it's pretty clear that THQ Nordic are building for the future.

This is THQ's second big purchase this year, although you could argue nowhere near prolific as the one from February 2018, where they bought Koch Media. By doing this, they've bought Deep Silver as well and have thus become proud owners of Saints Row, Metro, Dead Island and Homefront franchises.

As you could've already seen, work on Deep Silver's Metro Exodus is progressing at a steady pace, with the game scheduled for launch on 22 February 2018, so THQ Nordic's growing family is definitely onto something bigger than just a corporate shopping spree.

4A Games A bloodied and broken gas mask lying in blood-stained snow Metro Exodus

Speaking of Metro Exodus, their was just gorgeous and we can't wait to see more, especially the crafting bench, which I just can't shake the picture of. C'mon THQ Nordic, tell them to hurry up.

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