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Thorn is joining Rainbow Six Siege Test Server soon

Published: 01:03, 09 November 2021
Rainbow Six Siege - Thorn
Rainbow Six Siege - Thorn

Rainbow Six Siege is getting richer for one member soon and you will be able to try her out sooner, during her Test Server phase.

Thorn will be available for testing on the Test Server starting on November 9, 2021. 

She comes equipped with M870 shotgun or the brand new UZK50Gi SMG. The latter is unique in that the SMG packs a punch strong enough to make fairly wide murder holes in walls and floors. For sidearms, Thorn can equip a 1911 TACOPS or C75-Auto.

The main gadget of the new Rainbow Six Siege operator is the Razorbloom Shell, which is basically a throwable proximity mine. It will stick to a surface and activate when an attacker approaches. Once active, it will take a small time to wind up and those stuck in the radius will get super killed.

There are several ways to counter this gadget, including IQ's scanner, Thatcher's EMPs, shooting them and more. However, the gadget pairs well with other defender tools that can impair attackers' movement so it might prove extremely deadly under the right circumstances.

While Thorn is the highlight of the update, there are other important changes to keep in mind. Finka will now be able to stim herself out of the DBNO state and the Outback map has been redesigned so you might want to check it out before learning of the changes the hard way during a match.

If you're looking to complete your battle pass, the next weekend will offer double points. You can take advantage of this event from November 12 to 15, 2021.

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