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This Program Yuumi fan art puts her real skins in shame

Published: 21:38, 13 January 2021
League of Legends fan-art for champion Yuumi
is there a reason Riot are forcing Yuumi to be meta, and why are they doing it?

A recent fan art skin concept for the League of Legends' champion Yuumi has gone viral in the gaming community. Would Program Yuumi save this underrated skin line?

Fan-made character concepts are very common large in the gaming community, especially when we talk about League of Legends. However, only a few of them have caught as much attention as this concept for a new Yuumi skin. This new Program Yuumi skin concept, made by Harimizz has gathered around 12K upvotes on Reddit over the last couple of days, which is impressive, even by Reddit's standards.

Since her release, Yuumi and her place in the champion roster have been an ongoing topic in the League of Legends community. While there are some who support Riot's intention to bring something new and different to the Rift, a big portion of the community wants the cat entirely removed. Riot gave an official response  where they explained answered some frequently asked questions from the infamous "Delete Yuumi" movement.

The book on where she usually sits is being replaced by a smartphone to go in sync with the technology-themed Program concept. Most of her abilities have a turquoise techno pattern base with a yellow border.

Reddit League of Legends fan-art for champion Yuumi Program Yuumi with border

It was very well received in the League of Legends community as many fans claim that the design looks so professional and authentic that it should be considered a Yuumi skin leak, rather than a fan art concept. The splash art is probably the highlight of the whole design considering that it really gives out a "Riot splash" vibe and if the design team ever decides to go for something similar, they should look no further.

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