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Brain-breaking puzzler The Witness is now free on Epic Store

Published: 11:54, 05 April 2019
The Witness screenshot with gold coloured meadow and puzzle panel
The Witness

Between disrupting the games industry to one effect or the other and fending off mobs of convenience-gamers, Epic Games also offer a free game every two weeks on their store. This time around you get to download and keep The Witness.

According to a lot of discontent PC gamers, the Epic Games Store is the worst thing to happen to the modern gaming landscape since lootboxes, but just like lootboxes can help you scratch your gambling itch, so can the Epic Game Store provide you with free games you would usually have to pay actual money for.

If you are unbothered by exclusivity scuffles and having to juggle an extra launcher on your machine, then you have earned yourself the right to a free copy of The Witness via the Epic Games Store.

Puzzle-enthusiasts or those merely curious about the title, and likely to be puzzled afterwards, can claim The Witness until 18 April 2019 and get to keep it.

The Witness was received quite positively by critics on release. Most critics, as well as players, praised the game's atmosphere and visuals, while being utterly baffled by its often convoluted puzzles.

Anyone grabbing a free copy will be doing themselves a favour, simply by avoiding buyers remorse should the game turn out to be as impenetrable for you as it was for a decent chunk of its customers.

The easiest way to get your hands on The Witness is through the Epic Games Launcher, and keeping it installed on your machine will also allow you to claim the next game on the freebie list without much hassle.

Thekla The Witness screenshot of cliffside with bunkers and vegetation The Witness

Starting with 18 April 2019, Supergiant Games' follow up to Bastion, action-adventure RPG Transistor will be available for zero money the same way The Witness is now.

The Epic Games Store freebie line-up has so far featured indie titles situated on the higher end of the polish spectrum, kicking off with in December 2018, and keeping up an apparently curated and steady flow of free games like and .

First-person indie puzzler The Witness by Jonathan Blow

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
The Witness

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