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The Witcher books overtake Harry Potter on Amazon

Published: 16:06, 31 December 2019
Picture of Andrzej Sapkowski, Geralt of Rivia and CD Projekt Red logo
Sapkowski, Geralt and CD Projekt Red

Andrzej Sapkowski recently became the most popular author on Amazon as The Witcher books started selling like hotcakes. Considering a major bump in The Witcher 3 concurrent players as well, it's hard to ignore what started the trend.

J.K. Rowling sat at the top of until recently. The popularity ladder is apparently updated hourly, based on the sales of the books, and it wasn't long after Netflix's The Witcher series kicked off that she was dethroned.

Comic Book at the top as The Witcher books started selling left and right. The Witcher and Sapkowski were still on the top at the time of writing but it's possible this might change in the future, depending on what gets hyped up more in 2020. Considering the recent s , we might see something similar happen in the future in case another Witcher game gets announced.

Before daydreaming too far into the future, it's important to note CDPR are still gearing up for Cyberpunk 2077 release and if a new Witcher game is planned, it is still quite a bit away from an announcement. However, , similar to the books.

Since The Witcher 3 was heavily discounted for the holiday season across all platforms, including Steam, we can't give all the credit for the boost to The Witcher show. On the other hand there is no denying that it played a huge role as many people who watched it seem to be looking for more.

Amazon Andrzej Sapkowski is now at the top of the popularity list Andrzej Sapkowski is now at the top of the popularity list

It seems like wherever Geralt goes, ardor follows. For that reason, we remain hopeful we will see more of his adventures in game form in the future. One could say the same for the Netflix show but that has already been confirmed as renewed for Season 2.

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