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The Steam Halloween sale is on and here are the best deals

Published: 20:46, 29 October 2018
Updated: 09:34, 30 October 2018
Picture showing discounted games in steam store
Steam Haloween sale

Ready your wallets, it's treating time. Are you in for a new horror game for half the price? Looking to play some scary stuff over the Halloween night? Well, look no further as Steam Halloween 2018 sale has arrived with some sweet deals.

It's that time of the year once again. The Steam Halloween sale is alive and kicking with some scary deals flying around at the moment. Bloodsucking vampires, brain-eating zombies and all sorts of menacing creatures await. If you're looking for a new horror game for half the price, now is the time to head to Steam store and treat yourself with something spooky. If you're undecided, we get you covered, we're gonna highlight the finest deals so you can pick the one that suits you the best.

For turn-based RPG fans, at just over £6 is a must buy. A masterpiece dungeon crawler in which managing your fighters stress, fear and paranoia is as important as the sword on their back. Darkest Dungeon was one of the best RPG's of 2016 and has very positive reviews on Steam. The unique art style, combat management and over 16 playable heroes are some of the reasons to consider this turn-based RPG.

Another bang for your buck offer is Bundle for £9.00. In case that's not clearly obvious, the bundle consists of the original Metro game, fully remastered, with all the new fancy graphics and much better optimization, and the sequel, Metro Last Light. If you have any doubts about buying this one, Metro Exodus is coming next year and you don't want to hop into the mutant-infested wildlands unprepared.

Microsoft Picture showing man with a mask holding a knife Dead by Daylight

Watch out now, we have a freebie, kinda. If you're planning to spend the Halloween night playing video games with your friends, is currently free to play for 4 days! You get enough time to try out the game with your friends or solo and if you decide to pull the trigger and buy it, it's yours for only £8.88. 

Some deals you should keep an eye on are survival horror hit from 2014,  for about £8, , an early access title from Crytek with an interesting take on the battle-royale genre for £20.00. RPG title from Focus Home interactive is also on discount, currently at £29.78.

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