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The Outer Worlds will have Supernova mode, basically Hardcore FNV

Published: 16:14, 04 March 2019
Obsidian Entertainment
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The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment have revealed that The Outer Worlds will have something called Supernova mode which sounds a lot like the Hardcore mode from Fallout New Vegas, which in turn was inspired by an unforgettable mod from Fallout 3.

The Outer Worlds' Supernova mode seems to have all the markings of Fallout New Vegas' Hardcore mode. It's not really weird as Obsidian Entertainment worked on both games and are evidently well versed in applying these systems to an RPG.

According to the latest Obsidian released to Game Informer, Supernova mode is just one of many modes The Outer Worlds will offer. They will be designed to cater to just about every player's whims. Those who are just in it for the story can pick up with the easier settings, while those who are craving challenge will inevitably end up on Supernova.

The mode will force players to keep track of their character's needs, meaning regular feeding, drinking and sleep will be essential. While Obsidian mentioned neglecting these needs will take a toll on the character's body, they didn't specify what the penalties might encompass.

If Supernova turns out to work like Hardcore from Fallout New Vegas, it will likely reduce player attributes, according to the need they neglected. For example, going hungry will make the player feeble which decreases physical attributes such as Strength and Endurance, while losing sleep might cause penalties to their Intelligence, Perception or Charisma.

Keep in mind this is just a potential example, as the exact attributes have not been revealed by Obsidian. They did mention something else tied to the attributes though - weapons and certain companions' affinity to them.

Obsidian Picture of some dude in The Outer Worlds aiming his rifle The Outer Worlds

For example, companions favouring physical attributes will prefer massive mallets while those of the scientific kind will prefer high-tech weapons like the shrink ray. Yes, shrink rays in The Outer Worlds and you can make enemies super tiny before bashing their skulls in.


The Outer Worlds, action RPG by Obsidian Entertainment

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The Outer Worlds

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