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Obsidian don't mind The Outer Worlds - Fallout comparisons

Published: 05:28, 25 December 2019
Picture taken from the trailer of Obsidian's new game
The Outer Worlds

Even though Obsidian Entertainment's connection to the Fallout series goes back to the first Fallout, their work on Fallout: New Vegas has cemented their name in our hearts. But are they bothered with The Outer Worlds and Fallout comparisons?

Fallout: New Vegas immediately struck a chord with the fans, and the further they progressed the clearer it was that Obsidian earned a special place in our irradiated hearts. 

Having such a title in your resume isn't always that great, as you're bound to be measured by tit by the end of time, but that seems to be the last of Obsidian's worries at the moment.

Speaking to Game Informer (Issue 321), the dynamic duo of Leonard Boyarski and Tim Cain stated that as long as the comparisons are made favourably, they couldn't care less. Besides, there's a lot that sets The Outer Worlds apart from Fallout, even more so if you're comparing it to Fallout 76. 

The Outer Worlds delivered a shiny new visual style, but there's an undeniable old-schoolness to it. Boyarski and Cain even had the writing team create stuff to specifically fit the quirky dialogue system. 

Asked whether they're thinking about a sequel, Boyarski said that they'd love to. He went on saying that Obsidian have a bunch of ideas already, but that it's to early to talk about it. 

Obsidian Outer Worlds screenshot showing a city Outer Worlds

There's a lot to be said about Obsidian's confidence in The Outer Worlds, and we can't remember the last time that someone dismissed a Call of Duty launch as no reason for concern. And the greatest part about it is that they were totally right. 

The Outer Worlds, action RPG by Obsidian Entertainment

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The Outer Worlds

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