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Obsidian tease next The Outer Worlds DLC

Published: 19:21, 10 March 2021
Obsidian Entertainment
A first person view of combat on an alien planet in The Outer Worlds.
Alien dandelions are nature's candyfloss. Also, this is a very good videogame.

Obsidian were pretty tightlipped about the next expansion to their hit RPG The Outer Worlds, other than the name that is, but it looks like it's close to showtime now.

As promised in Take-Two's earnings report , The Outer Worlds' next DLC looks like it's coming next month, although we've got another date to watch out for until then.

Now, Obsidian weren't exactly generous with information in The Outer Worlds' new teaser, but at least we've got a few images to go with the name, which we've known for a while to be Murder on Eridanos. 

"The Board is pleased to announce that your new job duties are almost ready, spacer. Stand by for more information arriving tomorrow regarding your upcoming assignments", the dev tweeted, which means we're getting a reveal of sorts tomorrow, March 11, 2021. 

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos is the second DLC pack to launch for the popular RPG, the first one being Peril on Gorgon. Both are part of The Outer Worlds Expansion Pass, so you'll be able to purchase it in a bundle with Peril on Gorgon, as well as individually. 

As for the contents of The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos, the DLC is expected in a similar package as Peril on Gorgon, which means new locations, new NPCs, new quests and the rest of the bells and whistles. 

The Outer Worlds has been a wonderful reminder of the power of well-done singleplayer RPGs, showing they can be as viable as the oh-so-popular live service games. Ironically, even live-service model's probably biggest fan, EA, has in the meantime reverted to the 'back-to-basics' RPG formula for BioWare's Dragon Age 4, so clearly, the age of singleplayer RPGs continues. 

The Outer Worlds, action RPG by Obsidian Entertainment

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The Outer Worlds

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