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The Outer Worlds 1.3 adding font scaling, ultrawide support later this week

Published: 21:28, 04 March 2020
Obisidian Entertainment
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The Outer Worlds

Even though it's not exactly Halcyon's style to be listening to their employees much, wink wink, Obsidian Entertainment have some great news for The Outer World fans. Namely, the upcoming 1.3 patch is bringing ultrawide display support, font scaling and a ton more.

The patch is for The Outer Worlds players on all the platforms, meaning PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. 

While the dev didn't give the exact date, writing only "later this week", they did share some of the highlights of the update. Many of these you'll recognise from being among the top community-requested features, and it nice seeing Obsidian responding to them quite promptly.

So, the list of UI changes coming with The Outer Worlds 1.3 update is as follows:

  • Font Scaling (added a setting to adjust the size of text throughout most UI)    
  • Ultrawide Support (loading screens & cinematics)    
  • Improved Font Visibility (coloring)    
  • Multi Quest Map Tracking (can see inactive quests on the map and select them)    
  • New Reticle HUD Setting Option "Aiming Only" (ADS or Scoped)    
  • Fixed the Chromatic Aberration Setting not Saving

This is not the only set of changes coming with the 1.3 update, as Obsidian listed the gameplay changes The Outer World is getting later this week. 

  • New Invert "X-Axis" Setting    
  • Added Toggle for Sprinting    
  • Improved the quality of item drops when killing Manti-Queens    
  • Fixed the effects of Encumbrance not working correctly with the Confidence Perk

Obsidian also thanked the community for their input, encouraging them to share any issues through Private Division's support website and the forums, which will let them prioritise polishing The Outer Worlds experience further. 

The Outer Worlds box and Nintendo Switch The Outer Worlds, Nintendo Switch

Despite the occasionally quite radical thematic differences, many players have found The Outer Worlds to be the Fallout we deserved , which is not to detract from Fallout 76  or its upcoming expansion Wastelanders. Obsidian's launch on Nintendo Switch definitely helped, and it's always satisfying seeing that singleplayer RPGs are not only alive and kicking, but that they're kicking like mules. 

You can find the patch notes here

The Outer Worlds, action RPG by Obsidian Entertainment

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The Outer Worlds

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