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The Last of Us Part II: Seven biggest gameplay changes

Published: 08:48, 27 September 2019
The Last of Us Part II screenshot showing ellie with a bow and arrow
The Last of Us Part II

PlayStation Access have released a new gameplay video for The Last of Us Part II showcasing the seven major gameplay changes. The areas are now bigger, Ellie can go prone smarter enemies are just some of the improvements.

In the new video, PlayStation Access have detailed seven major gameplay changes that have been made in The Last of Us Part II. The upcoming action-adventure has bigger areas, enemies are much smarter and now have dogs while Ellie also got several neat tools to help her survive the harsh post-apocalyptic world.

Bigger environments

Areas now include a ton of houses, buildings and shops with multiple floors, optional for the story progression and with hidden, hard to get areas with resources and story details. Combat also has a lot more space to playout.

Ellie can go prone

This is just one of the new features that will give players a ton of one traversal and combat options. Ellie can now hide in tall grass and sneak, aim, aim while crawling and turn to her back if necessary. 

Enemies are smarter

Enemies will now challenge players in different ways and force them to strategise more. They will use the bigger environments to flank you and won't back down until they know you're dead.

Enemies are more humanised

One thing you'll notice in the video is that enemies will call out their friend's names as they are killed. Creative Director Neil Druckmann said that this detail was introduced to make players reflect on the significance of their actions.


Enemies now include dogs. As seen in the video, dogs add a lot more depth to the combat in The Last of Us Part II. For example, if Ellie kills the dog first, the human will stop looking for her and check if the dog is ok, and if the Ellie shots the human first, the dog will become sad and confused why isn't his fellow human moving anymore.

Dogs are quite tricky to fight

They are small and hard to see in tall grass, they can smell you so you can't stealth melee them and they also disrupt your attempt to stealth kill humans. Ellie also leaves behind scent trail which dogs can track so you need to be on the move all the time.

New Clicker mutations

A Shambler is a tank-like horror covered in thick growths that act as armour. Shamblers can't be stealth killed and are very tough to take down. Also, when they get close, they emit a cloud of acidic gas which forces players to stay away and even avoid the combat.

The Last Of Us Part 2

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The Last Of Us 2
The Last Of Us Part 2

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