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The Internet reacts to Valve's new handheld Steam Deck

Published: 07:26, 16 July 2021
Friendship ended with Switch, now Steam Deck is my best friend
Friendship ended with Switch, now Steam Deck is my best friend

Valve have officially announced Steam Deck, a brand new handheld device that will allow you to play your Steam games on the go. Here's how the internet reacted to this huge reveal.

Valve's long-rumoured handheld device is now official. After months of speculation and leaks, the company have finally dropped all the details for Steam Deck, a new piece of hardware that will allow Steam users to play their games on the go. 

As always after a massive reveal in the gaming industry, the internet has offered all sorts of opinions, both positive and negative ones and there's the inevitable memeing. 

We did our best to find some of the best reactions to Steam Deck from the gaming side of social media. 

Tim Sweeney , the head of Valve's biggest competitor on PC - Epic Games Store - is impressed by Steam Deck. Sweeney tweeted that this is an amazing move by Valve. "A handheld PC/console hybrid running the SteamOS fork of Arch Linux, and it’s an open platform where users are free to install software of their choosing - including Windows and other stores."

Industry insider Jeff Grubb states he likes his Switch console but there's no denying that Steam Deck can do a lot more. "I love the Switch and Nintendo games, but (assuming Windows works well) a Steam Deck could play real FIFA, Jedi Fallen Order, Final Fantasy XIV, Early Access games, modded-to-hell Skyrim, Halo, Dwarf Fortress, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition. "

On the other hand,  Digital Foundry's John Linneman is disappointed with the device's screen. He thinks 120 Hz support would be nice but sadly, 60Hz will have to make it. "The Steam Deck looks great for sure but, I have to admit, I'm rather disappointed in the screen specs. 1280x800 at a maximum of 60hz and it's still an LCD?! With that resolution, I'd have hoped for 120hz support."

Now for the fun part, let the memeing begin:

As expected, the comparisons to Nintendo Switch are in full swing.

In case you're wondering how to make developers develop for your piece of hardware.

Does anyone else think Valve actually made a mistake with Steam Deck branding? Gabe Gear sounds much, much better, right? 

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