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The Hour of Devastation Magic: The Gathering set adds 199 cards

Published: 16:12, 14 July 2017
Updated: 07:47, 21 September 2018
Wizards of the Coast
Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering will add its second set of 199 cards to the Amonkhet block. The Hour of Devastation will introduce two new abilities. The release of the set will be followed by at least three separate events during this season.

The Hour of Devastation set is now available to purchase in games stores worldwide. Hour of Devastation is the second card set in the Amonkhet block. The set takes place in a world inspired by Ancient Egypt. It features the anticipated return of the elder dragon, Nicol Bolas.

The Hour of Devastation story picks up during the time the Second Sun found its place in the centre of the monument dedicated to the God-Pharaoh. The Gates to the Afterlife are now open to the warriors who proved themselves in the Trials. Or so it all seems to be.

Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering Magic: The Gathering

"Unfortunately, the truth is very different from what was expected, and beyond the Gates to the Afterlife lie only wastelands and forgotten Amonkhet deities. Five hours will precede the coming of the God-Pharaoh and the Hour of Devastation is imminent".

The Hour of Devastation will bring two new abilities into the world of Magic: The Gathering. The first one is named Eternalize and it allows defeated creatures to return to the battlefield even stronger. The second ability is called Afflict, and it damages players as they defend themselves from an attack.

Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering Magic: The Gathering

To drive the Egypt theme home, there are also some Desert land cards included. The new cards grant special bonuses. The abilities introduced in Amonkhet will return, including Exert and Aftermath, as well as Cycling.

The Hour of Devastation set is set to launch today, Thursday, 14 July. This season of Magic: The Gathering will continue with a variety of in-store events. The first event will be the League of Hour of Devastation - "a four-week event featuring fast games with a 30-card deck, where casual players will be able to choose their opponents and play as much as they like".

Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering Magic: The Gathering

If you are an experienced player who is also familiar with Standard format and deckbuilding, you'll have your chance to shine. That chance will be disguised as an eight-week tournament - the Standard Showdown, which rewards participants with an exclusive booster filled with rare and powerful cards.

If you want to be the Champion of your games store, you'll have your chance when the stores celebrate Hour of Devastation with a Game Day tournament.

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