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The Division expansion Last Stand revealed

Published: 17:49, 19 January 2017
Updated: 18:32, 19 January 2017
Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand DLC

After its initial release in March 2016, Ubisoft is finishing The Division's first year with a new expansion

On the back of a  that appeared in the past few days, Ubisoft has now provided further details for The Division's The Last Stand DLC pack, after it was delayed from winter 2016.

Following the Underground and Survival DLCs, the Last Stand expansion is the third and final paid DLC for The Division, at least for its first year after launch.

Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand DLC Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand DLC

Ubisoft have revealed some of the features that will be included in the DLC: The Last Stand and 1.6 patch, which will have both PvP and PvE elements. The Dark Zone has been expanded further up north, and the enlarged space is to feature buildings with interiors and rooftops which can be used in battle. Players are also going to be able to move from Dark Zone 6 to Dark Zone 7.

The Last Stand does not feature a PvE specific area, but will come with a few landmarks teeming with AI. Interestingly PvE and PvP players are going to be able to work together towards a mutual goal.

Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand DLC Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand DLC

Last Stand mode will include organised PvP battles inside the Dark Zone expanded area. The battles are to be large scale and objective based. Eight member squads will be able to duke it out in the arena - groups of four players will be teamed up with another group of four to form one squad. Solo players can also enter the battle, and they will be paired up with a group that's missing a member.

The arena for PvP is to feature three large tactical locations, and the goal is to capture all of them. A "fortification" gameplay component which enables planting three turrets and a pulse beacon in an effort to defend the held positions will also be added.

Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand DLC Map Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand DLC Map

Fast travel between checkpoints is now possible, but any contaminated gear will be destroyed in the process. Spawn points will be included so the players spawn near their groups, and the respawn time is "pretty fast". As far as the colour of the player armour, it will not be red or blue like in the teaser trailer. No modifications will be made to the character's look once in the arena.

In the Last Stand there is no option to go rogue, and the PvP is penalty free. Leaderboards will not be featured, but each player will get a readout of their score at the end of the match. Rewards are given according to merit, and a bonus received by the winning team. There will be no gearscore increase.

The Last Stand DLC and 1.6 patch will be available across all platforms and will ship on the same day. Release date is still unknown.



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