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Tetris 99's popularity led to it getting retail release in Japan

Published: 09:28, 09 July 2019
Tetris 99, the Tetris battle royale
Tetris 99

There are many of us old sods still around who can testify to Tetris' contribution to the world of gaming and it seems it's getting a Tetrennaissance of sorts, as Nintendo are planning for a retail release of Tetris 99, but only in Japan.

Described as Tetris battle royale, free-to-play Tetris 99 has been immensely popular for the Japanese game maker, having racked up 2.8 million players since it launched in February 2019.

In fact, Tetris 99 has turned out to be of great assistance in Switch Online's engagement and Nintendo already announced plans "to implement in-game events to encourage consumers to keep enjoying the game", but now they're taking it a step further.

Nintendo posted on their website that Tetris 99 is getting a physical version before 2019 ends, and it will contain all the DLC, including the recently announced second DLC pack. The first Tetris 99 DLC comes with CPU battles, including Marathon, the 99 CPU player version that lets you practice without getting wrecked by other human players.

Tetris 99's second DLC pack comes with Mochiyori Battle, a local multiplayer mode that supports up to eight players at a time, and a Share Battle mode that lets two Switch players duke it out via a single Joy-Con controller. Additionally, the physical edition will contain a year of Nintendo Switch Online subscription, which is a perk whose usefulness is likely to depend on the final pricing. 

If you take a look at the DLC pricing, both Tetris 99 DLC packs go for $9.99 and with the Nintendo Switch Online annual subscription at $19.99,  you can expect the pricing to be anywhere between $20 and $30. Note that these are still just guesses, at least until Nintendo decide to reveal their plan.

The Tetris Company Tetris cover art Tetris

All in all, seeing Tetris reinvented every once in a while is quite refreshing, not to mention it's a testament to the fact that simple mechanics and clever design transcend graphics, time and any other bells and whistles you may throw at it.

Tetris' creator Alexey Pajitnov recently said that he's a fan of Tetris 99, but isn't

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