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TERA servers to shut down in less than three months

Published: 13:28, 20 April 2022
En Masse Entertainment
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TERA, an MMO that is over a decade old, is going to be shut down at the start of the summer of 2022 as the devs are focusing on other projects.

Bluehole announced they will be ceasing the support for TERA and shutting its servers down on June 30, 2022. The announcement was followed by an FAQ that provided insight into the reasons why the players will be losing access to the MMO they potentially played since 2011.

Apparently, Bluehole doesn't feel like it can create content that will be satisfying to the players any longer and they will be reallocating the studio's resources into upcoming projects.

Gameforge, the folks in charge of maintaining the game in Europe, noted they would have been happy to keep serving the players longer but without the support of the developers, this will not be possible.

Those in other regions may have hoped TERA would remain up for them but this is not the case since Gameforge's FAQ notes that there will be no possible migrations since the game is shutting down globally on PC.

Additionally, refunds for anything purchased up to the date of the announcement, April 20, 2022, will not be possible. The sole exception is the TERA Club membership if it's supposed to run beyond June 30, 2022. In this case, the customers can contact the Payment Support team after the shutdown for a partial refund.

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 On top of that, all TERA forum and social media pages will cease to exist shortly after the servers are shut down.

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