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Teamfight Tactics Set 8 will feature proper Kaiju boss fights

Published: 14:45, 14 November 2022
Updated: 14:47, 14 November 2022
Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics - Star Guardians battling Giant Enemy Crabgot
Teamfight Tactics - Star Guardians battling Giant Enemy Crabgot

Teamfight Tactics' next set is aptly named Monsters Attack! and Riot Games followed through with a proper homage for the theme.

Kaiju movies usually build up to a resolution that involves another giant monster stepping in to protect the mere mortals or the mere mortals developing giant mechs to protect themselves.

Thanks to years of alternate in-game lore for League of Legends , Teamfight Tactics will have both in the next set as Riot Games went all out in designing an epic confrontation of the monsters' brute strength and the smaller races' inventive ingenuity.

This conflict will come to a head in the later stages of a match where the players will fight against AI bosses and acquire complete items and other valuable drops.

One of these bosses is Giant Enemy Crabgot, which you can see on the image above, which is one of the two major boss fights, with Aurelion Sol being the other one.

Riot Games Teamfight Tactics - Aurelion Sol, the other one Teamfight Tactics - Aurelion Sol, the other one

On top of that, players will get the opportunity to field both of these champions and they will be somewhat unique in design when it comes to TFT sets so far.

On the other hand, they will not be unique in Set 8 since six other champions will join them in the same Trait group . Then again, this Trait will also be unique in the way it functions.

When all of it is said and done, TFT Set 8 will present players with an opportunity to face these bosses with teams consisting of Mechs, Star Guardians, teen inventors and even Kaiju of their own for a spectacle that will most likely make this one of the most popular Sets to ever appear in the game.

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