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Niantic added Team Rocket and Team Rainbow outfits to Pokemon GO

Team Rocket outfits for male and female trainers in Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO - Team Rocket outfits

Niantic have added a few more outfits to Pokemon GO. In addition to the outfits inspired by the Fisherman, Battle Girl, and Jogger trainer classes, Pokemon GO's in-game store now has Team Rainbow and Team Rocket clothes.

Pokemon GO's Twitter was home to the announcement of additional Team Rocket and Rainbow Rocket designs to the in-game store. The outfits include a black shirt with either a red or a rainbow "R", the distinctive Team Rocket hat, gloves, boots, and pants/skirts. Players with female avatars can also purchase a matching belt.

Event if you've never played any of the Pokemon games, or have never seen a Pokemon anime, you know about the most iconic of all the villain teams - Team Rocket. They were the main antagonists of the original Pokemon Gen I games, and then made a comeback in Pokemon Gold and Silver in the Johto region. In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, players faced a Team Rainbow Rocket made up of the leaders from all the villainous teams and led by Team Rocket head Giovanni.

These outfits mark the fourth time new threads have been added to Pokemon GO in the last couple of weeks. Niantic previously released outfits  inspired by the Fisherman, Battle Girl, and Jogger trainer classes.

Even though the addition of the new outfits is exciting, you shouldn't expect Team Rocket to suddenly play a huge part in the game. A previous update did add some lines of code that suggested "quests" are on their way, but Pokemon GO devs went and got rid of those in the most recent update. All in due time.

NianticTeam Rocket outfits for male and female trainers in Pokemon GOPokemon GO - Team Rainbow outfits

If you're considering buying a complete outfit, you'll need to pony up a total of 950 PokeCoins. Trainers with female avatars should note that while the male outfit includes the belt (and costs 200 coins), the female belt and skirt are separate items that cost 100 PokeCoins each.