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Tachanka rework to make him more mobile in Rainbow Six Siege

Published: 10:12, 17 February 2020
artwork showing tachanka from r6 siege with red glowing eyes
Lord Tachanka

Rainbow Six Siege memes are in danger of receiving a serious blow if Tachanka becomes actually useful with the upcoming rework that Ubisoft recently teased. His LMG will be more devastating than ever and there will be a grenade launcher to boot.

Lord 'Chanka memes happened in part due to his low pick rate which is a result of him being underwhelming when it comes to other defensive operators. The main reason is his gadget, and the immobility it brings. While Tachanka is indeed an anchor, being immobilised as much as RP-46 Degtyaryov requires usually makes people sitting ducks in Rainbow Six Siege.

Therefore, Ubisoft decided to do away with the whole shielded but immobile LMG thing and just let Tachanka carry it like a normal weapon. As you can see in the video below, the main man himself is moving around with the gun and it retains the destructive potential as making a massive hole in a wall turned out to be child's play.

Despite the gun's overall bulkiness, 'Chanka is able to sprint which is definitely a bonus for the chunky Spetsnaz. Furthermore, there is a bit of the video that shows the LMG using advanced optics which should make ruining attackers' lives that much easier.

But wait, there is more! If you order a Tachanka in the next 10 minutes, you will get a free incendiary grenade launcher! Can't hit Ash's head hitbox? Just turn the breacher into her namesake!

On the serious side, there are no orders involved. Tachanka will just get some sort of a grenade launcher with the rework as well. We weren't joking about setting things on fire as the grenades will bounce off of hard surfaces and when they do explode, they will leave an ignited area for a while. Check it out in action with the video below.

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