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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sells 1.23 million units in Japan

Published: 12:43, 12 December 2018
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo are off to a great start with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the highly anticipated brawler managed to sell 1.23 million units in Japan from 07 to 09 December 2018, and that's without even considering the game's digital sales.

The exact figure is 1,238,358 units, although we're sure that digital sales should inflate this number somewhat. Nintendo have every reason to be happy though, seeing as how they still have Christmas and New Year's sales ahead.

The current numbers, however, mean that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has had the most successful opening week in the series. At the same time, it's the best opening week for any Switch title so far, which should appease Nintendo even more, what with it being an in-house title and all.

Its success was not limited to Japan though, as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate debuted in first place in the UK's all-formats chart, ahead of the likes of Red Dead Redemption and newcomer Just Cause 4, which only managed sixth place. We're talking about physical sales again but the results are most certainly noteworthy. 

Although recent trends have seen physical releases of most games underperform compared to their predecessors, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate blew away Super Smash Bros launched for Wii U and 3DS consoles. In fact, it outperformed the Wii U version's sales by 302 per cent, while the 3DS version did a bit better and lost only by 233 per cent.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's sales brushed off on Nintendo Switch sales as well, with the console selling 278, 313 units in the same week. The week before saw only 107,450 units moved, so we're looking at more than double the demand for Nintendo's little guy.

Bandai Namco Poster for Bandai Namco's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo have had some great results this Black Friday and , so the company have every reason to be excited over the rest of the holiday season. The company was pretty clear that a brunt of their revenue comes from this time of the year and there's still time to improve the already great results.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by Bandai Namco and Nintendo

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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