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Kazuya Mishima announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Published: 16:19, 15 June 2021
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Kazuya
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Kazuya

Nintendo bamboozled everyone watching their E3 Nintendo Direct as they thought a Tekken announcement is coming but we got a hilarious trailer for Kazuya instead.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is bracing for a new fighter that is unlike any other on the roster, due to the Devil Gene that gets displayed through his moves. The game is getting a crossover with Tekken as one of the game's iconic characters is appearing as a guest in the popular brawler.

Kazuya's entry was taken from the well-known scene where he throws Heihachi off a cliff but this time around he is yeeting SSBU characters instead. While we're at it, it's worth pointing out that he threw enough characters off the cliff to make the Spartans look like a benevolent daycare. By the end of the trailer, he is trying to drop Kirby as well but that one doesn't exactly go as planned.

If anyone actually needs introduction to Kazuya, he is a member of the overly complex family of fighters in Tekken, all of whom have a connection to the Devil Gene.

Nintendo also showed his moves in a montage that should make the players more familiar with the character before he joins the roster. That said, it's currently unknown when Kazuya might join the brawl party.

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