Guild Wars' secret weapon found - how to get a Silver Edge

Published: 12:34, 14 April 2021
Updated: 18:10, 15 April 2021
Guild Wars - Jaga Moraine
Guild Wars - Jaga Moraine

After eight years of hiding in not-so-plain sight, the Silver Edge is finally here. Guild Wars' best-kept secret is now out and it is beautiful with good stats to boot.

It took less than three days for the internet to find a secret weapon that has been hidden in Guild Wars since the 2013's Wayfarer's Reverie update.

Multiple people on the subreddit have already boasted about the achievement. One of the first players to post a video of themselves finding the Silver Edge is the YouTuber Péter Kádár.

How to find the Silver Edge in Guild Wars

  • This is a solo endeavour so set your build up accordingly. Bringing the Legionnaire is a good move here. 
  • Requirements: 
    • Favour of the gods
    • Birthday Cupcake 
    • Lunar Fortunes (the more you can bring the better)
    • Light of Deldrimor spell (Deldrimor rank PvE skill)
  • Go to Sifhalla. 
  • Exit the portal leading to Drakkar Lake and head south.
  • Eat the Birthday Cupcake for that sweet sugar rush.
  • Turn north and up the hill. 
  • There will be a spirit and a patrol, defeat them (or simply run by) and proceed to Kilroy Stonekin (if he spawned which doesn't happen sometimes).
  • Use the Lunar Fortunes (until you receive the Lucky Aura effect).
  • Walk away until Kilroy is at the edge of your aggro bubble.
  • Summon the Legionnaire.
  • Cast Light of Deldrimor.
  • Defeat the Silver Vaetir - The Vaetir uses Mesmer skills.
  • Collect the Silver Edge (Emerald Blade skin).

ArenaNet Guild Wars - Silver Edge Guild Wars - Silver Edge

We managed to defeat the Vaetir using only Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support and our trusty Legionnaire. 

Happy hunting and praise Dwayna.

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