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SNK Gals now available on Nintendo Switch

Published: 20:47, 30 April 2020
SNK Corporation
SNK Gals
SNK Gals

SNK Gals has now officially released everywhere, bringing the Neo Geo classic to Nintendo Switch worldwide, complete with the simulated screen of the legacy platform.

SNK corporation launched a new trailer alongside the final release of SNK Gals for Nintendo Switch. The game initially released on 29 April 2020 while Europe lagged by one day. With 30 April 2020, the game has been released worldwide and fans can get it from Nintendo eShop.

The old school fighting game can be purchased for $7.99 / €7.99 and despite what the fans may have hoped for, it will not be altered to fit the regular Nintendo Switch screen. 

Instead, the game will feature a virtual bracket that resembles the look of the old Neo Geo for that maximum nostalgia impact. Considering that nostalgia is usually the main driver behind the hype for retro games, it may be for the best.

As you may have expected, up to two players will be able to join in on the fun as they pick from 14 different SNK heroines to enter the fray. Three of them will be hidden but unlockable so there is plenty to do even without friends to join the fun immediately. 

Those looking to get the hang of the game before delving into fights against the CPU opponents or their peers can check out the training mode which should show them the ropes.

Meanwhile, the multiplayer works in either tabletop or handheld mode so there is nothing to prevent players from having the comfort of their own space before duking it out.

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