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Indie game developers Digital Crafter announce a new fighting game

Published: 13:46, 22 May 2021
Updated: 13:49, 22 May 2021
Digital Crafter
Fight of Gods
DC and Marvel have chosen Greek and Norse pantheons, respectively. What about you?

Playing with, and beating your friends in a fighting game is what the genre was made for. But when those games making even losing funny and enjoyable, that is when they've done something right.

From the developers that brought us the game Fight of Gods, in the year 2022 we can expect a new title, Fight of Steel.

Digital Crafter are indie game developers based in Taiwan. Their first, and most famous fighting game, Fight of Gods, has caused a stir outside of the gaming world. While in development the game already condemned for its title and premise. That premise being pitting ancient divinities in a duel against one another.

On its release, however, it became evident that the game is anything but controversial and doesn't take itself too seriously. It has received mixed reviews based on its performance and was judged to never be able to compete against titles such as Mortal Combat.

Taking one look at its, so-called, God of Capitalism, however, which by the way is Santa Claus, that was not its intended purpose at all.  Instead, what they were going for is a game that can be played with friends, at a sleepover, and laugh at the ensuing shenanigans.

Fight of Steel, obviously following a theme just like Fight of Animals, for now at least in name, is to be a futuristic fighting game. What can be glimpsed from the announcement trailer, shows robots of different types, makes, and models battling. Not much is certain about the game as of yet, but it being centered around robots could mean possible customizations, but of course, that is just pure speculation.

Digital Crafter An in-game screenshot from the game Fight of Animals An in-game screenshot from the game "Fight of Animals"

The mechanics point still stands, however, and it is our hope that the developers have learned from previous criticism and will strive to make a more fluid game with Fight of Steel.

What can be guaranteed though, due to the developers' almost comic, Deadpool-like, self-awareness, and willingness to embrace the niche of more casual fighting games, as evident by their later titles, the game won't follow the path of the "Real Steel" movie, trying to make it more serious than it needs to be. Additionally, since there are no religious implications, however inoffensive, tied to this game as to make it bannable in certain countries, unlike the first one, Fight of Steel may surpass its predecessors. 

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