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Kazuya is the penultimate fighter of Smash Bros Ultimate

Published: 01:13, 29 June 2021
Bandai Namco
Poster for Bandai Namco's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

We've all played the games, as much for their gameplay, but just as much for the mashing of characters from different universes, and making them square off against one another, finalizing some childhood arguments.

As the game with the award for the best fighting game, Smash Bros Ultimate is not one to underestimate. With eighty-two fighters planned for the completion of the roster, the game is yet to reach its full potential.

In the most recent tweet, DIrector Masahiro Sakurai reiterated that the work on Smash Bros Ultimate will be completed by this year's end. On that note, he announced Kazuya, as the second-to-last fighter to join the ranks of Smash Bros' fighters.

Kazuya is a Devil Gene infected fighter of the Tekken series. At first, introduced in 1994, as the protagonist of the same game, he has since become the main canonical antagonist. Though at first a stereotypical fighter, he has grown to a leader of a nation-like island, with many at his beck and call. In Tekken games, Kazuya is a practitioner of the Mishima style of combat, a combat style based on karate, with supernatural moves mixed in, due to the Mishima family's devil-powered strength and abilities. We can expect to see Kazuya using something similar in Smash Bros, as well.

We are yet unsure of what the final character will be, but with work on the game, ending his year, all fans can look forward to soon finding out.

Namco Bandai Games Kazuya's got no chill Kazuya's got no chill

This character is sure to be popular with fans of Smash Bros that have played Tekken, and those who have just now come into contact with the franchise.

The character is set to be released on June 29, and buying a fighter's pass will make it available to play on release. However, any true gamer knows that unlocking a new feature has its own charm, unlike that of merely buying it to be among the first to use it, but definitely not master it.

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