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Someone actually made Super Mario Bros battle royale

Published: 19:42, 17 June 2019
Screenshot from Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale
Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale

Battle royale is apparently a trend that is still attractive and some gamers are having fun putting it where it doesn't belong. One YouTube creator did the unthinkable and made a battle royale for Super Mario Bros, believe it or not.

Battle royale has its own merits - PUBG and Fortnite wouldn't have made billions by now if it didn't but the trend has become so overused that people simply can't stand any more battle royale games pouring in. Others just don't care about that sentiment and make semi-serious games that double down as memes.

Super Mario Bros Battle Royale seems to be one of those cases since even InfernoPlus, the creator of the unholy mode that desecrated everyone's fond childhood memories of the tiny Italian plumber in search of his princess.

This mode kind of pits 99 players against each other although they are not looking to pick up weapons and exterminate one another with an ever-shrinking circle. Super Marios Bros battle royale instead puts players in the regular old NES adventures where their objective is to reach the castle and beat Bowser.

The twist is that all 99 players can interact with the environment as usual but may sometimes have adverse effects on other players.

For example, only one player can pick up any given power-up so only one Mario at a time can become bigger. Furthermore, players can jump on a Koopa and launch its shell just like before, but it will kill other players. Players can't collide by default but if one picks up a star power-up, they will be able to knock out other players by coming in contact with them.

InfernoPlus Winning screen in Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale - up to three people can win

Maps are chosen at random and this battle royale awards victories to the first three players to beat Bowser, rather than just one. Not all worlds are finished at the moment so only worlds 1, 2 and 3 are in the map rotation.

Probably the best two details about this unholy thing are that the game is playable in a browser so no downloads, launchers or other shenanigans are necessary and it supports controllers. Yes, a pet project browser game supports a controller, which should really put some AAA developers to shame.

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