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New Stronghold: Warlords units revealed

Published: 12:13, 15 May 2020
FireFly Studios
Stronghold: Warlords - Samurai
Stronghold: Warlords - Samurai

Firefly Studios' upcoming Stronghold: Warlords title will boast some powerful and strategically important units. The new units, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, have now been revealed.

Firefly Studios has some new units on the way to Stronghold: Warlords. The upcoming addition to the classic ‘castle sim’ series will boast the newly revealed Samurai, Imperial Guardsman and Imperial Warrior units.


True to their historical roots, these fabled warriors can quickly dispatch your high priority targets and swiftly shut down foes with powerful abilities of their own. Enemy Generals will become a thing of the past with the Samurai's Precision Strike. Tom Cruise would be proud.

The Samurai will have a steady movement speed and weakness to gunpowder and be susceptible to swarms of cavalry and gunpowder-fuelled missile fire.

Imperial Guardsman

The heavy mace-wielding Imperial Guardsmen are on the more expensive side of things but they can come in handy as they have the ability to make a seriously large dent in any enemy siege force.

Their Heavy Attack can then deal area damage in a wide arc when triggered. This will prove useful when you're trying to clear castle walls, crush unarmoured skirmish troops, or dismantle siege weapons.

Imperial Warrior

Imperial Warriors don't have a unique ability akin to those of Samurai and Imperial Guardsmen. However, these Warriors do have a high armour rating and damage output thanks to their weapons of choice.

The Imperial Warriors are resistant to Archer fire, Fire Lancers, and all but the heaviest siege weapons which makes them the perfect choice for the soldier to form part of the front line in any castle siege or any large scale open field battle.

Stronghold: Warlords is scheduled for release on Steam later this year.

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