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Steam's updated library beta will be available soon

Published: 17:01, 05 September 2019
Promotional image for Steam library update
Steam library update

Valve recently announced that the updated Steam library will arrive on 17 September 2019 in its early iteration. The users can opt in to preview and use the new layout and features but the new library will not be mandatory just yet.

Steam's library overhaul is aiming to increase the visibility of games, updates and events that are happening inside them. The latest blog post Valve issued gave us a small sneak peek as well as a brief overview of the new features that the library will have after 17 September 2019.

The first thing Valve highlighted is the new landing page that will give users quick access to game updates, recently played games and collections. On top of that, the new library will amplify our Peeping Tom abilities as friends' activity will be more visible too.

Keeping track of the changes happening in a user's games will be easier with the new changes since it will have a new events feature that will apparently make it easier to check what the updates are all about. That should help people figure out whether they should reinstall a game or not.

Tracking one's friends will be easier now since the library landing page will also provide a view to the friends' activity so it will no longer be confined to the friend list. 

Events are aimed at both developers and players simultaneously. Developers will have an easier time displaying what they changed about their game while players will have an overview of such changes right in front of them but Valve stated this would be done without bombarding the users with information.

Valve Picture of the new Steam library Steam library

Furthermore, developers will apparently be able to properly display whether an update or event is a big one, letting players know if it's a game-changer or potentially an art spotlight.

According to the announcing the library update, more in-depth information will be made available leading up to the new library's beta launch.


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