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Steam's about page hints at redesign, users go nuts already

Published: 15:53, 26 February 2019
Supposed Steam redesign mockup
Steam, supposed redesign mockup

With all the dust kicked up around the Epic Games Store, all eyes seem to be on Steam in anticipation of what GabeN and Co have had in mind. One bit, in particular, has caught the users' eyes as it suggests that Steam is getting a redesign.

The hint came from Steam's about page, which shows a pretty sleek visualisation of the platform's interface. This prompted many to assume this is what Valve are going for. 

Note, however, that Valve didn't officially confirm this as of yet and the overly stylised design might as well be just a mockup. That said, it got many a user's creative juices flowing and Steam's Reddit page has already got a few suggestions.

Below you see a few examples - the one by a user called Aveniir on top left and one by inteNsE-- on the bottom right. While the left one seems to stick to Steam's current design and is probably more realistic, the right one is undeniably sexy.

Knowing Valve, they're more likely to keep the thing under wraps until it's locked and loaded, but many eyes are on Steam and their next move. Even the recent move, where the platform got rid of the video section for was interpreted as preparation.

After all, users have been anxiously waiting for some news on the service's new design, culminating with last year's leak of a supposed redesign pitch from Valve's internal meeting in January 2018. Nevertheless, nothing ultimately materialised from the provided slides.

There's also the growing competition from the Epic Games Store although it's unlikely that Sweeney and Co will be able to do much damage in 2019. Analysts are confident Steam will retain its  , which of course doesn't mean time isn't ripe for some changes.

Reddit Two design proposals for redesign of Valve's Steam platform Steam, user redesigns, Aveniir (left), inteNsE-- (right)

Valve have recently revealed that Steam boasts more than monthly active users though, so it's definitely not going to be an easy matchup.

You can check out the supposed new design on Steam's about page , or take a look at Aveniir and inteNsE--'s designs and .

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