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Steam will put an end to review bombing if you wish to do it

Published: 23:25, 15 March 2019
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Valve have decided to add an option to curb review bombing on Steam which some players have used as a way of voicing their displeasure with actions of developers or publisher, like in the case of Metro Exodus, 4A Games and Deep Silver.

Valve has been a subject of controversy regarding the company's apparent complacency that users often affiliate with lack of competition. Some people started seeing the issue with review bombing on Steam as one of the problems and it appears Valve folks have found a solution that should fit everyone.

Review bombing will now be reviewed itself, on a case by case basis, but only if Valve deem it to be off-topic. A wave of negative reviews due to a game simply being bad or having a bad update will likely stay untouched, but review bombing for reasons that could potentially not be of any help for a new user to decide whether to buy a game or not will be seen as off-topic.

It will take time for Valve to identify these cases and then single out the reviews that are deemed off-topic but the announcement mentions that the company developed tools for detecting these occurrences. Following that, they will notify the publisher and developer.

Reviews that happen to be off-topic will not be removed though, Steam will just not calculate them in the total review score. Even then, users can choose to opt out of this system so they can continue using Steam the way they did before.

Keep in mind that Valve decided to rule review bombing prompted by DRM or EULA changes as off-topic, even though they do inconvenience players and could help someone make a decision on whether to purchase a game or not. Still, in case this is an issue for a user, they can opt out of the review filtering as we mentioned previously.

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One worrying issue with the review filtering system is that it will not count any reviews into the review score if they happened during a review bombing period. Steam will, however, warn you if there was a wave of negative reviews detected so you will be able to determine whether an off-topic review bombing is in progress and hold your own review until it's passed.

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