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Users are review-bombing Steam's remaining Metro games

Published: 15:46, 30 January 2019
Metro Last Light Steam review page screenshot showing ASCII art and negative user feedback
Metro Last Light Redux Steam review page

Steam users are voicing their objections over Deep Silver's decision to make Metro Exodus an Epic Store exclusive in the review sections of Metro games still available on Valve's platform. ASCII art, harsh langue, and a mixed score ensued.

A vocal portion of Steam users appear to be more than a little aggravated over Deep Silver's to make their upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus an Epic Store exclusive.

Remakes of the first two entries to the Metro franchise can both boast with a Very Positive review score on Steam. Metro 2033 Redux enjoys this score based on close to 25,000 reviews, while Metro Last Light Redux has the same rating with close to 20,000 reviews.

The recent review sections for both titles are currently undergoing review-bombardment and are displaying a Mixed score for the two games. 

Steam users and franchise enthusiasts are apparently somewhat disgruntled with Deep Silver's sudden decision to turn the final entry to the series - Metro Exodus, into an Epic Store exclusive.

User Totaly not a Potato simply posted "Thanks Deep Silver", user Artoria echoed this review by simply posting "thumbs down for deepsilver", and user Eggie agreed with "I was gonna buy Metro Exodus very soon, but greedy Deep Silver sold their soul. ♥♥♥♥ Deep Silver, ♥♥♥♥ Epic Games".

These comments and many other like them are of course accompanied by thumbs down reviews which resulted in both Metro remakes receiving just under 800 negative reviews each over the span of just two days.

Whilst not being particularly creative, some vaguely humorous ASCII images have also been posted depicting middle fingers to Deep Silver and Epic Games, or liking both publishing entities to fecal matter.

Steam Metro 2033 Redux Steam review page screenshot showing middle finger ascii art and negative reviews Metro 2033 Redux Steam reivew page

The fact that Metro Exodus will in fact be a delayed exclusive, as Deep Silver explained in a post to Steam's community pages, appears to have had little effect on overall sentiments. "Metro Exodus will return to Steam and on other store fronts after 14th February 2020," Deep Silver .

A glance at the comment section of Deep Silver's post further illustrates exactly how strongly some Steam users feel about the decision to move Metro Exodus over to Epic's store.

It is unlikely that Deep Silver will change course due to these examples of customer backlash, and it is still entirely too early to tell if the move will have any impact on Metro Exodus sales once it arrives in February 2019. 


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