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Epic Games Summer Sale can offer lowest prices on games to date

Published: 15:15, 25 July 2020
Epic Games
Epic Games Store Summer Sale
Epic Games Store Summer Sale

Tim Sweeney's response to Gaben's Summer Sale is underway and while the discounts are similar to those seen on Steam, EGS offers an additional benefit that could potentially lower game prices even more.

Epic Games Store's Summer Sale isn't offering any deals we haven't seen previously on Steam, barring the exclusives, but that's not to say the discounts are shabby. Some great games are now dirt cheap but if you are a bargain hunter, you might have an ace in the hole that can give you even better deals.

We are talking about the $10 Epic Games coupon that you probably received during Epic Mega Sale. In case you haven't redeemed it yet, the coupon can be applied to any transaction of $14.99 and above until November 1, 2020.

What this means for coupon holders during the time of Epic Games Summer sale is that they can get Metro Exodus for as little as $7.99 / €7.99. That would be the game's lowest price to date.

Those who prefer lawless space games might prefer to use the coupon on Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and snatch it for $6.74 / €6.74.

That said, there are also several worthy deals under $5 / €5 even without using the coupon:

Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Metro Exodus

While these deals are our personal highlights, you might want to check for bargains that could fit your taste better.

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