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Steam will re-review games previously warned for sexual content

Published: 13:54, 22 May 2018
Screenshot of a manga girl from the game HuniePop

Valve seem to have backpedaled on their decision to ban games with pornographic content, informing at least four game developers to ignore their earlier notice, where they warned them to either censor sexual content or suffer consequences.

Developers of HuniePop, Mutiny, Tropical Liquor and Kindred Spirits on the Roof had all been warned by Valve that their games contain sexually explicit content, which violates Steam's policies. They were told to either censor their content or they're off the platform.

The move was pretty strange, not least after MangaGamer insisted they worked with Valve and Steam to ensure their game is well within legal limits. Indeed, some of these games were more romance oriented, while HuniePop's Steam version only showed breasts.

In the meantime, Steam seem to have reconsidered the decision, with all four developers being let off the hook for now. All of them were sent the same message by Valve, saying they "will be provided with specific feedback if there are concerns about the game's content".

This doesn't mean that Steam won't be coming back with an identical ruling but it does show that Valve aren't planning on bot-like enforcing of policies without looking into details. They haven't provided a date on when to expect their ruling but we should know soon enough.

Still, Valve and Steam sticking to their decision would be strange indeed. These games have been around for a while, some of them working with Steam to make sure they're not turning the service into a porn-fest.

Besides, consequences of a digital developer being removed from Steam's store are a bona fide financial suicide for any developer, let alone a smaller one. Needless to say, it isn't something you wish on anyone, regardless of whether they're developing your type of games.

Valve Valve's Steam Platform Valve's Steam Platform

Of course, the discussion of what exactly constitutes pornography is probably going to be debated until there's nobody left to debate it, so we won't be opening that can of worms. Having said that though, this revision is probably a good all on Steam's behalf.


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